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Responsible Adult's Bill of Rights and Obligations

Из давно написанного, но не опубликованного

Responsible Adult is hereinafter referred to as the “RA.”


1. Right to remember Who You Are
This is a fundamental right which guides you through the rest of your life. If, for whatever reason, you can not exercise this right, go stand in the corner and try to recall what made you decide to be born into this life in the first place.

2. Right to be an RA.
Once you’ve learned to exercise your first right, a new challenge arrives. Since you remember Who You Are, you have to take responsibility for your decisions and actions, a right otherwise known as a Being a Responsible Adult. You are never GOOD or BAD, you are What You Are and that means that everything you do is directed by that fact. Bear with it, and make it easier for others to understand you.

3. Right to express yourself in the form safe, acceptable and understandable to other RAs.
Remember that, although many RAs ARE clairvoyant, it is unfair to those that aren’t to have them guess what you mean. It is helpful to understand what you want to express BEFORE you express it and not AFTER.

4. Right to help others.
Any RA actively exercising their First Right feels sad watching the confusion and helplessness of others. It is your RA’s right to help them in any way you can.

5. Right to be curious and to never stop learning
Any RA knows that he/she knows nothing. Learn, you might actually enjoy it. Use whatever means you can to exercise this right. It is advisable to keep your eyes and ears open, and to freely associate.

6. Right to not complain
Any RA knows that it was his/her choice to come into this life. You have a definite right not to complain about your circumstances but, instead, turn them into an opportunity to exercise you rights No. 2 and 5.

7. Right to be strong
As an RA, you have every right to handle your circumstances properly. The one right to always exercise is to be strong. It is much more fun to be strong and take initiative in handling life’s innumerable wonders than to fail to exercise right No. 6, and be miserable.

8. Right to limit your freedom from within
Any RA may, at his/her discretion, choose to limit their freedom to let others to have things their way. This may include, but not be limited to, losing in arguments, bets, discussions, battles etc.

9. Right to apologize
Any RA always has the right to freely ask others for forgiveness. There is always a reason, if you look hard enough. It helps both the RA and the prospective RAs to see the world clearly.

10. Right to be patient
It takes time to become an RA. At the same time, you only choose to stay on this planet for a certain number of years. Be patient but reasonable with the timing of your transformation into RA. Give yourself a certain, realistic timeframe, and stick to it.

11. Right to never give up
You circumstances are sometimes overwhelming. Your timing might be crucial. However, as long as you strive to be an RA, your hope is never lost. Remember this and never NEVER give up.

12. Right to remind others of who they are
When exercising these rights becomes an unalienable part of you, you feel inclined to help others exercise their rights. Don’t hesitate (although, proselytizing may be one of the dangers here). You may not be accepted right away, but if you are a true Righteous RA, and stick to the Right No. 3, you will eventually succeed.


1. Be immortal
It was YOUR choice to come here. Don’t try to pretend small, insignificant, and mortal. This will not be true, and others will figure you out right away. Refer to Right No. 1 when in doubt.

2. Be RA
An RA may not quit under any circumstances. This is your job, you chose it, and the resignation option is not available.

3. Be joyful and sincere
Remember that it was your choice to be RA. Be pleasant at your job, and don’t try to pretend. It will make your job harder, and you’ll be figured out right away.

4. Never make assumptions
In order to successfully exercise Right No. 5, RA shall never make assumptions as to the extent and nature of his/her knowledge of life, including, but not limited to, the knowledge of people, nature, universe or anything else. When in doubt, make inquires, don’t make assumptions.

5. Be considerate
The particular means of carrying out this obligation is to exercise Rights 1-12.

6. Ask for help when you need it
It is your obligation as RA to ask for help when you need it. See Right 3 for a brief explanation of Clairvoyance Factor.

7. Ask others to remind you of Who You Are
This is your duty as RA. Unless you reached the top of RAship, you will find yourself facing this obligation. It’s a hard one but there is no way around it.

8. Be spontaneous
RA is under the obligation to express him/herself freely and adequately (see Right No. 3). This requires that you use every way available to you to be lively and innocent. Do not repeat yourself and your patterns. It’s boring.

9. Keep changing, don’t let your worldview get set
The moment you forget about this obligation, you stop being RA. There is no known way to stay RA and fail to comply with this requirement. It follows from all you Rights and Obligation and it is a fundamental one.

10. Don’t get stuck if you failed in any one of the above provisions
You will have another opportunity.

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