The Flying Circus (kuka_ra) wrote,
The Flying Circus

The "Epistemic Closing" of the Conservative Mind

Billmon at his best.
(интересно, скорее всего, только тем, кто в Штатах).

The first is that the target audience must be trained to be active participants in their own indoctrination, and not just the passive recipients of it. The circular logic that Sanchez mentions -- i.e. if something contradicts the accepted conservative narrative it must be liberal, and therefore false -- is a key tool for creating this kind of "self-executing" doublethink.

The second requirement, however, in many ways is the more important, at least in a society not fully under the control of those seeking to create the closed mental loop: Reality must not push back too vigorously against the false reality that’s being constructed. In particular, non-conservatives (especially the non- or quasi-conservative mass media) must accept the disinformation narrative as legitimate -- i.e. as simply another political point of view -- and ignore the manipulative process by which it has been created and maintained.

But in a free society, those two conditions cannot be maintained perpetually and indefinitely[...]

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